Listing is for a single 700mW 12X 405nm S06J Blueray Diode in a standard Aixiz module with leads attached and a three element glass lens. This is the most powerful 405 diode available and it is not the lower efficiency more sensitive 12X diode from the SF-BW512L sleds that are prone to sudden deaths when run over 420mA. If the seller does not list whether it is an S06J diode or a SF-BW512 diode it is most certainly a SF-BW512 as it is a huge selling point. When driven @ 525mA you can expect ~770mW with a G-2 lens and ~570mW with a three element 405 AR coated glass lens but the diodes. Efficiency will vary a little and I have seen some hit as high as 850mW with a G-2 being driven @ 525mA.

Save yourself the headache of extracting, pressing and soldering on your diode. Just add host, heatsink and driver.
The current must be limited to no more than 525mA to the diode. There are plenty of people that will tell you it is ok to run this diode up to 700mA but this will lead to a quick death for the diode. Yes it will survive for a few minutes and give amazing power output but please keep it under 525mA. Don't attempt to connect directly to a battery. I do offer a boost driver that is capable of driving this diode off a single Li-Ion see my other offerings below. All modules are tested and are in working condition prior to shipping.

Here is how one set @ 700mW burns.

Here is a PIV Plot on the diode with a G-2 lens
Lasing Threshold

3.68V @ 30mA giving 5mW


Here is the Pinout for the diode

Modules are wired with extremely flexible 26AWG wire that is burn proof and makes for very easy soldering.

Wire assignment is:

Red +

Black -

White Case

If you are looking for a host here are some of the more popular host/heatsink kits that will work with these diodes and if you want something that is not listed in those links that I show in my tutorials below shoot me a message and I can point you in the right direction for them.;)


Here is a list of tutorials I have made and experiments that can help give you ideas for your next project.

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