Listing is for a single 5.6mm 2W M140 445nm diode. 

Want a free Aixiz diode mount. See this listing.

These are the brand new M140 diodes from the new M series projectors. These are different than the previous 1W A140 didoes that we see a lot of seller offering as 2W when you have to be way over-driven to even have a chance to get a peak reading that high and you severly reduce the life of the diode or even risk blowing it right off the bat if you do.

This diode is a never used diode that is extracted from a brand new out of the box DLP projector. Only running time would be whatever quality control testing was done @ the manufacturer and myself running them briefly to make sure they all are in good working order before being sold. On these diodes the case pin is cut short when it was installed in the DLP projector but is still more than long enough to still use and I do quite regularly, there is a pink spacer on the back that you will remove to reveal the case pin, there may be some thermal grease still on the underside of the diode and there will be some solder residue left on the pins. If you are needing this diode to come looking like it came directly from the manufacturer with three long clean pins your only options would be to source them directly from the manufacturer but the best quote seen as of yet is over $600 a diode in quantity.:(

Just to set note a common misconception the higher lumin rated projectors do not yield a higher power diode. The testing done over @ has disproved this theory. The lumen rating of the projector they came seems to have no bearing on the didoes used in the projector. There are 3000 Lumen projectors that use 1W A140 diodes and 2500 lumen projectors that use the new 2W M140's. The series of projector seems to be the only determining factor ie: A/M/H

There is a way to tell if you a 1W A series diode or the new higher power 2W M series diode. If your diode does not have the dot shown in the pictures below above the bar code you have a 1W A series 445. This will help those who have possibly been scammed by sellers selling the lower output diode as a 2W diode. Happens all the time here.

Here is the thread with details

The A140 runs at 1.25A for best life expectancy and the M140 runs best at 1.7A for best life expectancy. I suggest a max of 1.8A with appropriate heatsinking. Some of the more efficient of these diodes have peaked as high as 2.7W with a 405-G-2 lens.

Here are some pictures of the guts of this new diode next to the old.

The M140 on the right has a larger die and the base is larger than the A140 on the left.

The A140 has only three wires to carry the current. 

The M140 has four wires giving it the ability to run at higher currents and have greater ouput. 

Now here is how to tell if you have a higher power M140 or a the lower power A140. On the M140 there is a circle above the bar code. This is on the back of the diode right next to the pins.

If this is your fist laser build here is a great place to start.


Diodes are current hungry and as they heat up their internal resistance is lowered causing them to want to draw more current. Don't attempt to connect the diode directly to a fixed voltage source like a battery. You must use a "constant current" power source like a current limiting driver or variable current power supply with the current limited to no more than 1.8A or you diode will suffer thermal runaway and die. For more info on the reason for a constant current driver see this thread.

Laser Driver - It Can Be Done!

 I do offer a boost driver that is capable of driving these diodes off a single Li-Ion. See this listing.


Diodes are sensitive and should not be run or soldered on until pressed in a module/heatsink. laser diodes also are current hungry and should never be run without a current limiting driver.

Diodes are tested to be in working order and packaged in an antistatic bag. Please use ESD precautions and short your driver leads discharging any capacitors before hooking up your driver to the diode.

The Aixiz 405/445 Three Element Glass or the Single Element 405-G-2 lenses are the most commonly used with these diodes in conjunction with a 12mm Aixiz module as the diodes housing. I offer all the above as well as combo deals for them pre-assembled

When you press the diode in the module make sure you have countersunk it like this.

There is a great tool sold by a forum member over at LPF that will properly countersink a diode in an Aixiz(standard 12mm) module for you. Here is a link.

If you are looking for a host here are some of the more popular host/heatsink kits that will work with these diodes and if you want something that is not listed in those links that I show in my tutorials below shoot me a message and I can point you in the right direction for them.;)

Here is the Pinout for the diode

Current vs Output Plot

If you want to drive your diode off a variable power supply her is the process to use. If you choose to direct drive your diode you do so at your own risk. Many laser diodes have been lost due to bad power supplies with voltage spikes. Not all power supplies are clean enough to direct drive a diode and a star-up spike could kill the diode.

Start with nothing connected to the power supply, turn it on and turn the current to zero. Set the voltage to 4.6V and turn the power supply off. Short the output leads on the power supply together than connect your diode.(very important step) Turn on the power supply and adjust your current to your desired. With 445 the voltage should be set to about 4.6V but it will vary by a tenth of a volt or two at 1.8A. If you need more headrooom with the voltage as it caps you at a certain current which is lower than your desired then repeat the process and up the voltage in 0.1V increments until you get the desired result.

Here is one of my favorite hosts. The Sirius 1-C


Here is a list of tutorials I have made and experiments that can help give you ideas for your next project.


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By purchasing these diodes you are agreeing to the following.
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- You understand that these components that are mentioned above are dangerous when not properly assembled into a finished product. 

- You will use these as components and properly incorporate them into a finished product. 

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