For sale is a brand new Casio XJ-A140v DLP Hybrid HD projector, this unit is only missing the laser diodes and remote control, I am selling these separately. As far as I'm aware of, you cannot purchase the "lamp" block of the laser diodes from the manufacturer for replacement. The mylar ribbon connector harness which is run to them has been cut to remove the laser diodes. Aside from no remote control and no laser diodes, this purchase includes everything else that would come with a brand new projector like this, the carrying case, VGA cable, video component cable, power cable, instruction manual and/or disc. The original box from Casio will also be included. This unit - prior to diode removal, was function checked and performed normally. It would be perfect for repair parts much cheaper than any available from the manufacturer, much less a service call or repair charge if you can swap out the LED, a PCB, power supply board, lenses, etc. or whatever part you need. This projector also contains a very powerful red PHLATLIGHTS LED for any hobbyist interested in this, as well as several small first surface mirrors, and glass lenses. The PHLATLIGHTS red LED some people sell here for around $25-30 by itself!

Manufacturer's info on the projector: 

Check out what can be made from a PHATLIGHTS 12 watt red LED:

(Pictured is an XJ-A135u but this green slim DLP projector looks just like this one, and likely have most if not all the same parts except possibly the operating software and sometimes the lumens ratings. Sometimes a slight color difference also, some are slightly grey, some or more white.)

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